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The Key Factor in Learning Urdu Online:
The key factor that is necessary to learn Urdu online is a competent teacher. Without a competent teacher there can be no language learning. Therefore, UrduReading does the due diligence is selecting the most experienced tutors who are veteran in their profession and know the best way in which students can be motivated so that they learn to speak Urdu and become an efficient users of the language. Thus, the experienced and motivated Urdu language teachers make it easy for the students to learn and read Urdu by teaching the Urdu lessons in the most interesting manner.

Our Programs:
Our comprehensive Urdu learning program comprises of all genres of Urdu literature, like poetry, novel, biographies, afsana, dramas and the use of Urdu interactive worksheets for effective learning. As there exists a variation in the type of students in terms of age, so UrduReading has divided its Urdu learning program into two categories. The way students are taught keeping in mind their learning caliber, thus greater learning takes place.

A) Urdu Learning For Kids
This program is tailor-made for kids. UrduReading institute has consulted education expert and psychologist to devise this program so that Urdu learning could become easy, fun and interactive for the kids. There are two sub-categories in this program as well.

  • The first category is of the kids living abroad, where kids learn to speak Urdu in addition to the efforts made by the teacher in helping them learn to read Urdu. This objective is achieved using animation lessons, interactive activities, and with the use of Urdu worksheets for beginners.
  • The second category of Urdu learning for kids is of helping with the curriculum to the students who have opted Urdu as a subject in their school. In this program, teachers guide the students in their assignments and works and help them achieve better grades.

B) Advanced Urdu Learning
The advanced Urdu learning program is for the students who have basic know-how of the language. This program also has two sub-categories for different types of students.

  • The first advanced Urdu learning program is for students who understands the basics of language but aren’t proficient in one or more of the language skill. For instance, someone who knows how to speak Urdu but wants to learn to read Urdu can benefit from this program.
  • The second advanced program is for students who wish to learn Urdu for the purpose of communication. Such students are taught all the skills of language like, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Learning Environment of UrduReading.com
UrduReading.com follows a student centered approach for learning Urdu language. All the Urdu lessons and the class timings are planned by keeping in view the feasibility of the student, thus making the process of learning Urdu language extremely facilitating. By selecting the timings for Urdu lesson and the teacher of their desire, students are able to learn more freely and efficiently. This is why all the students of UrduReading.com always gain command over Urdu language in the shortest of times.

If you wish to help your kids learn to speak Urdu, then you have come to the right place because UrduReading.com teaches Urdu like no one else. If your skills of Urdu language have become rusty, we can also help you in this regard and polish them for better use.

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