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What is UrduReading.com?
UrduReading.com is a USA based online Urdu tutoring services provider. This online tutoring is one of the pioneers in providing services in this niche and targets audiences across the globe. UrduReading.com is a project of “Extended Knowledge LLC”, which is registered in Maryland State, and has long been providing online tutoring services to different students over the world.

How To Register?
You can simply register with UrduReading.com by filling out the registration form available at the Contact Us page. Or you can get registered by giving us a call any time. The registration along with your queries is responded on immediate bases and one of our representative contacts you within a few hours with appropriate response.

What Kind Of Tutors Do we Have?
The prime factor that distinguishes UrduReading.com from all other online Urdu tutoring service providers is the experienced tutors we have on board. Our tutors have degrees in Urdu language tutoring and their vast exposure to online tutoring makes it possible to learn in the most convenient and interactive manner. Thus, our teachers make sure that every word delivered by them from this end of the screen is properly understood on the other side of the screen.

How Does The Learning Process Start?
The learning process starts right after you fill out the registration form on the website. Once we receive your query, our representatives communicate with you and guide you regarding the proceedings. To get started you initially have to have software for screen sharing (our representatives will provide you with the software and help in its installation). Once the software is installed, all you need to have are the gadgets of one-to-one voice communication such as microphone and headphones/speakers and the transference of knowledge begins.

How Do The Students Interact With Tutors?
Once the students have formally registered for the course and the documentation is complete, students and teachers interact with each other online over the internet. The best online voice communication software is used for interaction purposes. Moreover, screen-sharing software such as ‘Go to meeting’ is used for lesson viewing purpose. Thus with all this, the tutor communicates with the students over voice phone and uses the pointer to highlight the words and alphabets being taught on the screen.

What is Required To Get Started?
In order to start the learning process you need to have the following items:

  • A good and reliable internet connection
  • A computer either a laptop or a desktop
  • A good headset for audio communication

You don’t need to worry about anything as our representative will provide you assistance throughout the installation process until all is fine and you start your classes.