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About Us

Urdureading.com is a project of Extend Knowledge, a registered entity in the state of Maryland, USA. It aims to provide the individuals and families with the state of the art services for Urdu learning. The Extend Knowledge personnel understand and realize the importance of learning different languages. Their do it approaches has made them pioneers in the Online Urdu teaching. Our tutors are highly qualified professionals having degrees in Urdu language or literature, having extensive experience of teaching Urdu. We make sure that each of our tutors knows about different psychological aspects of teaching. Moreover, Extend Knowledge provides training in Online Urdu Tutoring to all of its teachers. Our tutors know methodologies to teach a student of any age. We provide our tutors state-of-the-art office facilities to ensure a good environment for conveying knowledge

Who we are?
We are a registered school for online teaching services in the state of Maryland, USA. We are the pioneers in introducing Urdu learning with the help of tutors in live online sessions. We are assisting people worldwide in learning Urdu for their studies, careers, linguistics, and businesses. Our satisfied students are from different continents and belong to all walks of life.

Our tutors
We have the world's best possible Urdu tutors on-board. Before hiring, we make sure that our tutors are

  • Adequately qualified
  • Extensively experienced
  • Familiar with online teaching
  • Able to handle students of all age groups
  • Able to handle students of different nationalities and cultures

Moreover, we also train our tutors for technical and psychological aspects of online teaching.

Our Approach
We strive to make Urdu learning an easy, fun, convenient and interesting process. We understand and respect the individuality of each student. The approach of our Urdu teaching program is focused at the following factors

  • We understand that different people have difference in pace of learning. Our tutors are trained to adapt to the pace of the students, such that the learning does not becomes drudgery.
  • Our tutors combine informing, describing and explaining with effective demonstrating.
  • Our tutors are always ready to listen to the students' concerns, queries, and questions.
  • Our on-site operations and human resource departments make sure that the neither the students nor the teachers have to deal with cumbersome management or administrative affairs. Register with us to start now.