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Live Urdu Classes with UrduReading.com

Introduction to Urdu:
‘Urdu’- the word has its origin in Turkish language where it stands for “an army”. Initially, old language was an amalgam of Turkish, Arabic and Persian. It was during the reign of Mughals in Sub-continent that Urdu was recognized a separate language. Since then it has evolved as any other language of the world and comprises of a rich history and literature. Presently, it is the National Language of Pakistan and few states of India. Due to the strategic importance of the country, the trend of learning language is increasing. It is also spoken and understood in many countries of Middle, East, Europe and North America.

Importance of Urdu Language:
Urdu is not just a language but it contains a rich history in its literature. By developing the skill of Urdu speaking, you can know about the culture and history of South Asia in general and sub-continent region in particular. Some major reasons why you should consult an Urdu teacher and start learning this language are:

  • It is the national language of Pakistan- a country which is known for its beauty and strategic importance
  • It is also spoken and understood by Pakistani and Indian communities residing in Europe, America and other parts of the world
  • It shares vocabulary with Arabic and Persian, it helps in learning both these languages as well
  • It shares the same writing style as Arabic and Persian thus by learning to read Urdu, one can read both these languages as well
  • Most of the Tafseers of Quran and other Islamic books are in Urdu language thus reading it can help understand Islam
  • • Qawalies and Naats are very popular all over the world which can be another reason for Urdu learning.

Online Urdu Tutoring School:
It is difficult for people of different parts of the world to be enrolled in a University to start Urdu learning. UrduReading.com realized this problem and founded one of the best online Urdu tutoring schools that offers live Urdu classes, where the students can join an online Urdu course and start learning this language

The Convenience of Online Spoken Urdu Classes:
Joining live Urdu speaking classes is equally beneficial for people of all age groups, kids and adults alike. The experienced and qualified Urdu tutors teach it in the most easiest and interactive way possible. To benefit from our online Urdu classes, all you need to have is the followings:

  • A laptop or a computer
  • A good internet connection
  • A software application for communicating live and viewing the lessons
  • The gadgets of two way communication like, headphones and microphone

What Makes UrduReading.com Different?
UrduReading.com is not just an Urdu website, rather it’s an online Urdu school that offers online courses to help the students in Urdu listening, reading, writing and speaking. Pertaining to Urdu classes online, the features that make us different from the competitors are as under:

  • All the Urdu tutors are qualified and have substantial experience in the field of online Urdu tutoring
  • A good internet connection
  • Every student has a single teacher dedicated to him/her
  • Students can set the schedule of the classes according to their convenience
  • Students of different age groups are taught with same dedication and commitment
  • Comprehensive lesson planning that facilitates greater learning
  • Technical staff present 24/7 for the sake of smooth communication
  • Extremely affordable price

Benefits of Choosing Us:

  • All the Urdu learning is based on live lectures and conversation thus it makes online Urdu interactive
  • You get a free trial period to evaluate our Urdu tutor and his/her method of teaching
  • All the lesson planning is done keeping in mind every student so that greater learning takes place
  • The greatest convenience of selecting the time that suits you the most without disturbing the daily routine
  • The tutors are familiar with different cultures and multiple languages so efficient delivery of knowledge takes place

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"I am of Chinese ethnicity and had to compete with Urdu speaking businessmen to win orders. Learning to understand Urdu from urdureading.com has given my business a major boost."

Mohammad, 37 Karachi, Pakistan

"I am an Italian, born in America. I married a Pakistani guy, three months ago. I did not know a word of Urdu when I registered with urdureading.com. Now I can speak some basic Urdu phrases. I plan to surprise my husband on his birthday. Its going to be so much fun. Thanks urdureading.com."

Marie Estelle, 27, New York City

"My PhD thesis on India was in last stages when I decided to learn Urdu for increased credibility. My colleagues told me that learning new language was not possible for someone of my age. But urdureading.com made it possible for me."

Dr. Allen Spencer, 58, Sydney